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Ann Reilly

Artist, Owner

Here at Artzstuf, we specialize in Healing Arts. These include the use of art as a form of therapy. Some mediums used are jewelry making, painting in water colors and acrylic and drawing in pencil and charcoal.

We also write in journals and articles online for money, perform and teach reiki and guided and chanting meditation, deep breathing, stretching, basic tai chi moves so that you can do this on your own time from the privacy of your own home or anywhere you find yourself like when traveling in a motel room. 

Ann Reilly,owner also shares on some nutrition and weight loss tips such as drinking ice water with freshly squeezed lemons as a cheap, effective, refreshing colon cleanse.

This keeps the weight off and also removes toxins from your body so you feel better. This is also good for your skin. Other areas we touch on is recovery and maintaining good mental, emotional health and positive behavior to live a more rewarding life.

Welcome to Artzstuf for Healing Arts!

A sample of my writing  is an article for chess.com, that i wrote on chess. I like the game and play often on there. If like my writing style, you can ask for me to write for you. Also write for iwriter.com. Another sample wrote on their site is here.

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